Our Commitment

We remain relentless in our pursuit to improve patient outcomes, and the overall patient and clinician experience. Yet, today, the status quo is being disrupted, as the pandemic and technological innovation are prompting a seismic shift to patient-centric value chains. This disruption is being enabled by the convergence of key advances in:

Breakthrough treatments, such as cell and gene therapy, enable products and service offerings that go beyond the medicine and focus on prevention, diagnostics and cure.

Novel clinical trial technologies to enable the Life Sciences industry to innovate with:

  • remote and virtual clinical trials
  • remote patient monitoring integration
  • Interactive Response Technology (IRT)
  • smart packaging
  • electronic labeling (e-labeling)

As the industry changes from blockbusters to “niche-busters”, the industry needs to reimagine the Clinical Trials process towards a truly patient-centric analysis and response across the value chain

Our Mission

Clinical Operations and Clinical Trial Supplies organizations play a significant role to design, implement and introduce patient-centric value chains. Our focus is to explore, discover, and design the processes and technology needs for Clinical Trial Supplies in the 21st Century, with the objective to improve patient outcomes, regulatory compliance and industry adaptivity.

Our Approach

Technology increases the industry’s capacity to innovate. We are spearheading an unprecedented industry consortium, together with SAP (www.sap.com), Roche (www.roche.com) and Tenthpin (www.tenthpin.com), to better address the specific needs of the life sciences clinical supply practice to make the patient-centric value chain reality.

We are uniting diverse stakeholders from the industry — including vendors, sponsor companies and systems providers — to shape the future of clinical supply operations.

Join us as we discuss and engage our collective insights about:

  • How can we design a NextGeneration CTSM solution that allows quick and flexible responses to future trends, while at the same time reducing TCO and overall risk?
  • How can we improve the trial process for the industry, sponsors, clinicians, but especially patients while significantly improving its outcomes?
  • How can we rethink the clinical trials process by taking full advantage of emerging technologies?

Meet Our Leaders

David Volk

Senior Director, Clinical Supply Operations, Genentech, A Member of the Roche Group

Mandar Paralkar

Global Head of Life Sciences Industry, SAP

Michael Schmidt

Partner & Member of the Executive Board, Tenthpin Management Consultants

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